French Club of Glial Cells

Meeting 2021

The biennal meeting of the French Club of Glial Cells will be virtual and will take place on every afternoons from the 18th to the 22th of October, 2021.

Call for abstracts and registration will be published soon on this website.


Two plenary lectures:

Five symposia 

Each symposium will gather 3-4 French and European researchers and one young researcher selected on his/her abstract by the scientific committee. 

18th of October – Glial Cells in brain development (chairs E. Huillard; M.C. Angulo)
19th of October – Imaging tools to study the dynamics of glial cells (chairs O. Pascual; A.K. Bouzier-Sore)
20th of October – Glial cells in the control of feeding and metabolism (chairs A. Sharif; I. Denis)
21th of October – Glial cells in brain diseases (chairs T. Amédée; C. Escartin)
22nd of October – Glial cells in CNS injury and regeneration (chairs P. Durbec; B. Nait Oumesmar)

Young investigators corners

Students and Post-doc Flash talks and Poster sessions (chairs A.L. Hemonnot-Girard; K. Combet)

Two Flash-Talk/Poster sessions will be held : on the 19th and 21st. During these sessions, selected students and post-docs will have the opportunity to introduce their work in a virtual format to be precised.

The “Assemblée Générale” of the French Glial Cell Club will close the 20th of Otober.