French Club of Glial Cells


Registration opens in May 30th 2022 and ends in June 18th 2022.


The Spanish, Portuguese and French Glial Cell Clubs invite you to the Glial Social to gather the European glia community during the FENS meeting. This event will take place at the Institut du Cerveau (ICM) in Paris, and is sponsored by Networkglia and the GLIA Journal.

The Glial Social will start at 7:30 pm on July 12th 2022. An interactive historical lecture on myelin will be given by Prof. Boris ZALC (ICM) and followed by glial interactions (games). There will be a buffet with organic, and veggie-friendly food, drinks, and music!

This Glial Social will be an excellent opportunity for networking and conviviality around glia science.

Do not wait to register here, as the number of attendees is limited !

Registration includes the entrance to the Glia Social with free access to the buffet and two soft drinks or glasses of wine. Additional drink tickets will be sold onsite.

Registration Instructions for non french speakers can be found here.

Formules :

How to commute?

The ICM (Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière 47, boulevard de l’Hôpital – 75013 Paris) is next to subway station Saint-Marcel on subway line 5 or Chevaleret line 12.

A detailed map of the hospital can be downloaded and the intractive map is here.

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The Club has sponsored several symposia in French and international meetings. The most recent include:

French Neurosciences meetings

2023 – Sponsor of a symposium at NeuroFrance, in Lyon: “Glial cells contribution to neurodevelopment”. Chairs: AC Boulay & M. Thion.

2019 – Sponsor of a symposium at NeuroFrance, in Marseille : “Development and heterogeneity of primary brain tumors”, Chair E. Huillard.

2017 – Sponsor of a symposium at NeuroFrance, in Bordeaux : “Multiple Facets of Microglia in Health and Diseases”, Chairs: B. Nait Oumesmar & O. Pascual.

2017 – 13th biennial ISN Satellite Meeting on Myelin Biology, Iles des Embiez, France.


2021 – Euroglia Classes. The Club contributed to the training courses on glial cells at Euroglia2021

2017 – Sponsored a symposium


Besides its annual meeting in Paris or in the South of France, the Club will organize a social event at national and international meetings to gather the glial community in a friendly atmosphere and promote interactions.


2021 – Euroglia Classes

Social events

2022 – Glial Social

Travel Grants

The Club has granted several travel awards to students to attend the biennial Euroglia meeting on glial cells in health and disease.

A specific call for travel grant application will be posted 3 to 6 months prior the meeting, on this website. PhD students and post-docs, working in French laboratories, and who will present a poster at the meeting are eligible to apply.

2019 – Travel grants to attend Euroglia2019, Porto, Portugal.
Awarded to H. Arulkandarajah, G. Cignitti, R. Ronzano, S. Archontidi


At its annual meeting, the Club awards the “Best poster prize” and the “Best talk by a PhD student or post-doc prize” (300 – 500€).

2021 – Virtual meeting of the French Glial Cell Club:

  • Best poster award, sponsored by Miltenyi
    • Angel BAUDON. INCI, Strasbourg
    • Nathalie MAGNE. Paris Brain Institute – ICM
    • Camille ALLARD. NeuroCentre Magendie, Bordeaux
  • Best poster award, sponsored by the French Glial cell Club
    • Kassandre COMBET, Institut NeuroMyogène, Lyon
    • Maxime Bigotte. CRNL, Lyon
  • Best talk by a PhD student/post-doc, sponsored by NeurATRIS
    • Agathe Lafont. IBPS, Paris

2018 – French Glial Cell Club meeting in Paris:

  • Best poster award – Dorothea Maas (ICM); Neurobiological basis of prefrontal cognitive dysfunction in a rat model of schizophrenia
  • Best talk by a PhD student/post-doc – Anne-Cécile Boulay (Collège de France), Translation in astrocyte distal processes sets molecular heterogeneity at the gliovascular interface.