French Club of Glial Cells

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Origin of the French Glial Cell Club

In the early 90’s, while the majority of researchers were focusing on neurons, a group of scientists studying glial cells, realized that neurons without their interactions with glial cells in the nervous system, would be lonely! 

To foster research on glia, the French community in this field decided to form a network and launched the French Club of Glial Cells.

Aim of the Club

The goal of the Club is to gather the community of researchers and students working on all types of glial cells (astrocytes, microglia, oligodendrocytes, Schwann cells, tanycytes…), in the central or peripheral nervous system. The Club organizes scientific and social events on glial cells, and aims to promote scientific collaborations among the scientific community working on glia and beyond. The Club actively organizes and participates in national and international meetings and workshops. The club also aims to raise awareness of the general public on glial cells (see Activities). A major goal is to support young members to attend conferences and present their data. Several travel grants are granted each year.

Due to the pandemic, applications for the #CAJAL course #Bioenergetics for #Brain Function are extended to 1 March. Still time to apply!
Apply & info:
📆 14 June - 2 July
🌏 @bdxneuroschool
@bolanosjuanp @MarsicanoLab @ann_kar14 @FENSorg @ibroSecretariat

Here's some good news: Our Conte Center Neuroimmune Meeting is back ON March 24-25 2021 in Virtual format. Same Amazing speakers plus interactive posters sessions, Hoping to gets lots of participation from all over... esp from Trainees. REGISTRATION

[COLLOQUE 2021] Join us for the next meeting of #FrenchGlialcellClub
18-20 Oct. 2021 at Le Lazaret Sète, France.

Find the program here:

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